The production capacity and creativity of Made-in-Italy design companies are recognised and appreciated all over the world. However, many these companies are still unknown to global markets; this means that getting to know them can be a strategic business opportunity for international operators to offer to their customers high-quality, well-designed products.

ICIDE – International Center of Italian Design – has been established to support and assist international operators in discovering genuine Made-in-Italy brands, products and solutions.


International operators can rely on ICIDE for organising appointments with the top management and visits to the production plants and showrooms of Italian design brands in order to gain a better understanding of Made-in-Italy companies and products, while at the same time truly experiencing Italian taste and style thanks to a selection of restaurants, wine cellars, or experiences during a business trip to Italy.


The technical and specialized staff of ICIDE is able to assist international interior designers in finding the most innovative Made in Italy solutions for their projects with regards to new furnishing, accessories and products, customised manufacturing, and innovative production solutions thanks to a network of more than 300 Made-in-Italy companies available to ICIDE.


ICIDE is the access point to the world of Italian production and design through practical professional support that assist international operators in identifying the right Made-in-Italy design companies to bring their projects and new products to life.
Italian manufacturing companies will provide production expertise and knowledge of materials and development techniques to enhance and optimise the project implementation process.
Through ICIDE, international companies can also get in touch with the best Italian designers to draw on Italian creativity, style, and taste and create new products and lines with international appeal.